BYOC Seat Buying/Selling Rules and Procedure (2017)

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    The Forums would like to publicly state our stance on buying and selling of BYOC seats. BYOC seats may be bought and sold on the forums but they must be sold at face value plus the $25 transfer fee. Selling seats over face value plus transfer fee will not be tolerated and will result in a warning or even banning.

    New for 2017:
    UAC acolyte early purchasing can not be sold, traded or transferred.
    From the quakecon staff:
    "Thanks for your question. We do track who the token has been issued to and the registration that uses it, and the token shouldn't be transferred. This is an opportunity for previous UAC ticket holders to have early access and continue supporting the event. Everyone else will have an opportunity to purchase UAC Executive VIP Experience tickets on Thursday, March 30 at 7:00pm CT and join the UAC Acolyte program for benefits like early access to registration. Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you at QuakeCon 2017!"

    You may list seats for sale in the Seat Buying/Selling section only.

    How Transfers Work:

    You are unable to transfer seats till after general registration opens on April 24th. At that time the owner of the seat can initiate a seat transfer to a person with a general registration.

    Here is a screenshot of the transfer seat page in the registration system that the owner of the seat has to initiate.

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  2. AirWarn

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    May 31, 2017
    Hello team.

    I've one important query on this. The transfer fee ($25) must be paid by the buyer after his email is registered or by me? Need to know this, in order to ask the payment either only for the seat cost or both (seat cost + transfer fee). In case that I need to pay the fee, how is the process, are there any steps to follow after?
    Thanks a lot in advance and sorry if I didn't understood this properly.
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    I believe it is you that must pay the transfer fee, as you are initiating it. Asking for the seat price plus the transfer fee is perfectly fine.

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