Quakecon Done Quick...Or Not

Discussion in 'General' started by Dark Albatross, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Dark Albatross

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    Jul 15, 2011
    Grand Prairie, TX
    Let me start by saying this is kind of an annoyance that in the grand scheme of Quakecon isn't that big of a deal.

    Me and my friend went to drop off our PCs last night (Wednesday night) and play a little. It was just after 10pm, so we figured it wouldn't be too busy, plus we had QDQ, so it would be even quicker. We were wrong. We get to the QDQ line and we're 4th and 5th in line. Cool. The regular BYOC people had 2 lines and each were about 15-20 deep. I guess they said Go to the regular lines because they took off. By the time I was 2nd in line, everyone in the regular lines had gone through and more. We considered jumping in the regular lines since they were going quicker than the QDQ, but they kept filling up with more people and we figured it would bite us in the butt to move. So we stayed and eventually got in. There are two things that I want to point out here. First, the regular line workers were all business and knocking it out, while the QDQ team were a little more talkative. I'm okay with that, because that's the type of event it is. That part doesn't annoy or anger me. Second, the QDQ line was on the outside and the scanner guy (I always forget his name though he's been doing this since I can remember) constantly kept getting asked for directions on where to go for QDQ and regular BYOC, which took up a lot of time. I guess that's the annoying part and the main reason for this post. They should've had someone else directing people. We paid extra for QDQ and while we may still get our money's worth, the big part is skipping the big line to get in quicker. Technically, we skipped the bigger line, but did not get in quicker. We felt like we wasted the money on QDQ.

    All that said, we got into the BYOC in about 30-40 minutes and got to set up and play some, so don't shed a tear for us. I would like to see that part improved upon next year as the layout gets tweaked.

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  2. jex

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    Jul 14, 2015
    I actually specifically mentioned one thing about this in my post staff report. I thought the lines were terribly marked and the ones that were marked were misleading. One of the things I really think is important to help things run smoothly is to let the staffed volunteers do the jobs they are meant to do and let the signs, lines, barricades, etc do their own jobs to avoid needing people for those things. A lot of the time I spent on bag check was spent helping answer questions of people who weren't sure which lines to be in so I can completely confirm that it was an issue. Sorry you felt like you wasted your money but hopefully this at least meant you got to skip the line for MPT on Friday night because that was no fun either.
  3. Buzzkill84

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    Jul 16, 2011
    Skipping the line to get a ticket and the extra ticket was literally the only benefit to having qdq this year. Like he mentioned the registration line wasn't really any faster. We didn't get any swag, and a whole 30 min extra gaming Wednesday was kinda worthless cause they weren't enforcing it so normal people were just setting up anyway.

    Add the fact that they let the uac and qdq people into master pancake to sit down at like 7:10 ,we sat down with everyone else anyway. If they had communicated the line up times for it, or not chained it together with the casemod and "welcome" presentation it would've been different.

    This is the first year I've really felt let down by my qdq purchase, and it has definitely been getting weaker year to year.
  4. jex

    jex Orbital Strike

    Jul 14, 2015
    I don't think chaining it together with the previous event was intentional...there were some scheduling issues that didn't get worked out enough in advance and so that's how they accommodated it. I'm hoping next year the two events are either not at the same time, not in the same place, or not limited seating. I can definitely see how those that spent the extra bucks were a little disappointed this year. Hopefully they'll take all that into consideration for next year. As for the swag...that was weak across the board not just with QDQ. I really missed the DYOBYOC contest shirt this year and they hardly had anything that said 2017 on it. I was thankful to be on staff so that I could at least have something showing the year.
  5. mega386

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    Jul 6, 2014
    Houston, TX
    Agreed on the QDQ issues this year. Also agreed on the swag issues / lack of 2017 branded items. We attempted to get an official 2017 shirt on Friday and they were all sold out. :mad:
  6. ShempsKid

    ShempsKid PhD in Pain

    Jul 19, 2012
    Plano, Texas
    They sold out of that shirt late on Thursday. I can't believe it was gone so quick.... I'm glad it was the first thing I went and did... But I wasn't a huge fan of the design... Bring back DYOBYOC Contest!!
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  7. Signus

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    Aug 5, 2011
    Denver, CO
    QuakeCon gone Quick
  8. FreAk

    FreAk Forum Staff Staff Member

    Jul 15, 2011
    Keep in mind QDQ/UAC is for more than jumping the line at check-in/MPT. IIRC it will also let you jump the line at any of the panels. I imagine it will be better next year when the BYOC, EXIBIT, and MAINSTAGE are further apart. It felt like they didn't have enough room for line control out in the corridor.

    Disclaimer: I had UAC tix.
  9. jex

    jex Orbital Strike

    Jul 14, 2015
    Pretty much all the lines were hectic. No one seemed quite sure where to go and as a volunteer that had to ask numerous other volunteers to get answer I'm not sure many of us knew what was going on with people staging. I think next year it will be important to have lines appropriately labeled and have a solid entrance and exit for the BYOC.

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