The Southern Standoff 2017

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    The Southern Standoff 2017
    Welcome to the first annual Southern Standoff! This year we are dipping our toes into the water of tournament planning with one of our favorite games Rocket League. We are really excited to begin this year's tournament strong and expand into other games at future years of QuakeCon down the road.

    We hope you guys enjoy this year's Rocket League tournament and are excited to see what this BYOC tournament can become!

    Now let's get down to the real stuff

    While the communication method between teams is up to the teams themselves, we highly recommend using The Southern Standoff Discord server. It has both text and voice channels for communication between teams allowing for easier coordination between matches.

    ALL team captains are required to be present on the Discord channel for communication with tournament admins during the tournament.

    Rocket League
    Sign ups
    • Start at 9:30 PM at B4-8

    • Team must be complete upon sign up

    • Must bring entry fee of 3 BAWLS (Any kind, one per person)

    • Each game will be Best of Three (BOT) Single Elimination

    • You will have 45 minutes to finish all three games before the next bracket begins

    • Match host will be decided upon by both teams

    • If a player disconnects, it’s up to his team if they want to continue the match or not. If a player disconnects, the rematch can happen only if both teams agree.

    • The WINNING team from each finished match will submit the results onto the Challonge bracket

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